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We promote international mindedness because we believe in its inherent values in developing future citizens who are open minded, who think globally and are therefore prepared for life in the 21st century.

We note that the school is privileged in many ways including it’s location on the popular 3rd Avenue road in Gwarinpa, a location that offers enormous advantages and access flexibilities (the school has two gates, a rear gate that avoids the busy 3rd avenue and offers a much safer picking and dropping of pupils in the school) to our teaming parents, we are very conscious of our obligations towards our pupils, which include sensitizing, encouraging and ensuring their growth in academic and other extracurricular activities while maintaining their active participation in emerging global trends like robust ICT engagements, health, safety and environmental management mindedness to mention.

We promote a positive culture of self-discipline with clear guidelines on expectations, roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to develop discerning young people able to distinguish right from wrong and make appropriate choices.

We promote high standards of achievement, our goal is to add value, maximize potentials and allow every pupil to flourish. In this, we are proud of the academic achievements of our pre-school, nursery and primary pupils.

GIA offers an integration of Nigeria and British curricula.


Our academic standards enable pupils to transit into prestigious secondary schools effortlessly. We believe in investing in our human resources and in the continuous professional development of our staff and so, staff are constantly trained for proficiency and productivity.


The driving vision for the school is that every pupil should develop a deep understanding and enjoyment of all learning, particularly the Sciences. Pupils who graduate should be fluent and able to fit into any higher institutions they find themselves in. This will fully prepare them for a future in which skills at a global perspective will enhance their job prospect and independence.  Underpinning this vision is our passionate belief in the educational and economic benefits of multi-lingual, multi-cultural education. We also desire to respond to the growing demand for a school of this kind from many families living and working around us.

Our Journey So Far:

Goshen International Academy started from what was then known as Mercyland International School. The school, established in 2003 by the family of Bishop Kewas, was bought over by the family of Engr. Dom Onoh with a population of about forty, (40) pupils in July 2007. The name was officially changed from MercyLand to Goshen International Academy after one academic session.Engr. & Mrs Onoh with their wealth of experience as educationists elevated the status of the school in terms of infrastructure and quality of teaching and learning. Staff audit was conducted and more qualified and competent teaching personnel were subsequently employed.

Renovation and most times replacements were carried out on dilapidated facilities while the school was expanded with more classes created, continuous effort was constantly put in place to provide a conducive learning environment. The zeal for the provision of world class learning environment for the school, pushed the Director to secure the present cozy location of the school. The new location with its excellent learning ambience has put Goshen ahead of what is normally available in most schools in F.C.T.

Goshen International Academy has achieved a lot of milestone ranging from graduating pupils with commendable results to coming tops in a lot of inter school academic competitions.

Our pupils have participated in several competitions and have come back with commendable results. Our many awards and Laurels attest to this fact.

The school continues to explore new frontiers of excellence by round the clock teacher supervision, facility improvement and infrastructure provision. The present location of the school is second to none in learning ambience and world class environment, coupled with its location on the popular third avenue in Gwarinpa, which renders a lot of locational advantages to our numerous parents and added to the many academic achievements by pupils as evidenced by the plethora of academic certificates, prizes and laurels adoring the school reception, make the school many parents delights. Little wonder the scramble for admission by parents for their children!

Our Five Montessori Curriculum:

The Practical Life exercises: These are the foundation of the Montessori system. They are elementary movement and preliminary activities; such as sweeping, transferring, pouring, care of self, care of environment, fine and social skills, These exercises aim to bridge the gap between home and school and aid the child in that transition.

Sensorial education: the sensorial materials bring about a development where the child can compare, distinguish and discriminate where he/she can work with one or more of the exercises together in smooth motorization and mental conception.

Language: With the montessori method of teaching, basic writing, reading, listening and speaking skills are developed. The phonic method of learning to read alphabets produces understanding because a child first learns the phonic sound of each letter. With the help of sensorial materials, the child automatically knows how to hold the pencil.

Number Work: Through Maria Montessori;s deliberately designed method, the child makes the smooth progression from concrete to abstract.

Cultural Subjects, art & craft, Music, french, and computer appreciation.


Goshen International Academy has a responsive and dynamic Parents – Teachers Association (PTA), this association meets regularly from time to time.

The PTA no doubt serves as another internal regulatory layer after the management of the school. These organs make Goshen thick for what she is in teaching and learning. The present PTA is headed by Mr. Ugoh Mbanaso, his leadership has been marked with tremendous dynamism and the school is happy to work with him.

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